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“ I’m In Love With Bomaye” Takes Off

Call it competitive hairstyles, nice shoes and of course carefully crafted and woven indigenous designs and you will be right.

For privileged guests who thronged the Royal Reality House to witness the Premiering of “I’m in love with Bomaye” last Sunday, they were greeted with the glamour of 12 girls “desperate” for fame, honors

and recognition.


The event was telecast live on Multi TV’s Cine Afrik Channel and if the sterling performance of the Master of Ceremony, Actor Timothy Bentum was anything to go by, then television viewers are in

for fun in the next 12 weeks.


So the audience cheered in satisfaction as the girls sought to show off some talents prominently featuring the dramatic “Azonto” skills.


Age is not a bother to Mama Gee, the oldest of the contestants.


For her, “if older men can go for younger women, the vice versa is possible”. All 12 girls are convinced of “falling in love” with Bomaye and will do “anything” to have him in addition

to the $20,000 prize at stake.


The thrilled crowd could barely sit still to the performances by the sensational D-cryme and Anti-Women Abuse advocate, Chemphe.


The “King” Bomaye hit the stage himself with African style energy, claiming to be “nervous” but excited about the show. Here comes a little twist though; one which appeared to have greatly tickled the audience.

While calling on viewers to vote for their favorite contestants, Bomaye mentioned one particular name and the crowd was up in a roar with the MC accusing him of favoritism. He added another name later. Is there really a favorite for the King?


Well, organizers expect viewers to unravel this secret by catching the fun in the house live on Cine Afrik on Multi TV every Sunday evening and on Multi TV Extra every day to help Bomaye discover the woman of his life.


The contestants had the benefit of being shown around by the “King” to their new home for 12 thrilling weeks of entertainment TV. Inside the house, the contestants will undertake several activities to help bring out their diverse characters and nature.


The tasks and challenges are designed to assess the skills and qualities of the competitors in the areas that matter most to Bomaye in a potential mate.


“Im in love with Bomaye” is the maiden edition of Multi TV’s 24/7 streaming “Im in love” series on the Multi TV extra channel on Multi TV.


All daily show highlights and eviction nights shall be live on Cine Afrik transmitting across Africa. Starting from the second week in the house and every other week, Bomaye will evict contestants

who will be put up for eviction.


The eviction shows will be live on Cine Afrik on Sundays at 7:00pm.


Source: Gifty Andoh Appiah/Multi TV

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